What You Will Watch and Hear

2018, 2019 & 2023
        For Musarc's 10th Anniversary.
In this work I explore the choir as a method for modelling human ecological entanglement.

As resonant beings can we tune to space, time, scales and matter, vastly different to our own? Phenomena such as climate change is so complex and massively distributed across space and time that perhaps it is beyond the grasp and understanding of the individual. Can we employ performance to collectively meditate on how to interpret these types of events?

Musarc and the audience come together to form different constituents of a Whole (much as a choir does), each voicing, performing and embodying a different perspective on which to watch and hear the same event.

What we will watch and hear is the unfolding interplay and imprinting of cause and effect, where the sum total of all the events inscribing themselves on each other forms a ‘history’.

For this piece Amina took inspiration from Timothy Morton’s theories on ‘Hyperobjects’.

This piece was created for and performed by Musarc Choir and the audience at Odrathek. Also performed at Le Marteau Sans Maître Concert, Whitechapel Bell Foundry, and at the Lisson Gallery as part of the exhibition ‘Matter as Actor’, for London Gallery Weekend.

The Wire Magazine

Photos by: Yiannis Katsaris
With thanks to Alex Pugh