Giving Voice to Synthetic Sonics

        An online workshop exploring themes of protest (in the widest sense) with the sonics of synthesised voices, in collaboration with Anja Borowicz Richardson.

As a group we collectively created an improvised synthetic choir, with readily available voice synthesis tools. Additionally, through discussion we explored ideas of plurality - of voices and that of perspectives, to question collective ways of knowing (i.e. a chorus) versus hegemony that systems like Google Alexa provide.

Preview of improvisation

Thank you to the participants:
Yujia Wang, Shirley Renwick, Charlie Lee-Potter, Holly Robinson, RGM Regiment, Bernadette Silva, Effy Harle, Minxu Li, Jie Huang, Sophie Cullinan, Weining Cai, Patrick Jones, Shangyun Wu.
Thanks to Alex Culshaw and the RCASU